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Online career profiles:
American Chemical Society "Chemist Profiles"
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Technology and Engineering
Tribology and Lubrication Technology magazine, published by the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers. Links open in a new window.
TLT January 2018 The Drive for Efficient Performance Automotive lubricants contribute to fuel efficiency in a host of ways beyond reducing friction. (January 2018) (pdf version)
TLT November 2017 Automotive Industry Lightens Up The trend toward lightweight vehicle parts drives changes in manufacturing processes and metalworking fluids. (November 2017) (pdf version)
TLT October 2017 Selecting lubricating greases: What you should know To get optimal performance and long operating life, pay close attention to specifications and monitor your operations closely. (October 2017) (pdf version)
TLT August 2017 Moneyball for Fluid Development Statistical design of experiments couples a numbers-based approach with practical experience to extract the most information from the fewest experiments. (August 2017) (pdf version)
TLT July 2017 Introduction to Dynamic Seals Keeping the grease out of the wash water and vice versa. (July 2017) (pdf version)
TLT June 2017 Tribology from All Angles: Same Problem, Different Perspectives When chemists, materials scientists, and mechanical engineers work on the same problem, finding a common language can be an issue in itself. (June 2017) (pdf version)
Scientific articles
Cutting-Edge Chemistry: Innovative ideas from the chemical literature, from the American Chemical Society website.
Cutting-Edge Chemistry November 14, 2016 Focusing on Metalenses
August 22, 2016 Semiconductors Go Green
June 13, 2016 New Insights from Old Fires

Chemistry Views, from Wiley-VCH and ChemPubSoc Europe
Chemistry Views Summer 2016 PDF archives
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Postgraduate Careers
Postdoc or Not Graduate & Postdoctoral Chemist magazine, published by the American Chemical Society. Links open in a new window.

Postdocs in a Wider World Nonacademic postdocs stand out from the crowd. (July 2016) (pdf version)

To Postdoc or Not to Postdoc How well your postdoc investment pays off depends on your career goals and how you put this investment to use. (December 2015) (pdf version)

Would You Buy a Retro-Encabulator? If you can’t excite your friends about your research, how will you convince a manager or a funding agency? (July 2015) (pdf version)

STEM career articles
science communications inChemistry magazine, published by the American Chemical Society. Links open in a new window.

Public Outreach and Communication Careers Public communication professionals work in all job sectors, including industry, academia, government, and nonprofit organizations. (Sept/Oct 2015)
Bob Freeman, PIO, gives a tour of the atomic clock facility at the US Naval Observatory. Photo by Nancy McGuire

Earning a Chemistry Ph.D.: Is It Worth the Effort? Factors to consider when making your decision, and how to make the most of your investment. (Feb/Mar 2015)

A Matter of Degree: Which Graduate Degree Program is Right for You? Which graduate degree fits your career plans: PhD, MS, PSM, or graduate certificate? (Nov/Dec 2014)

Should You Go to Graduate School? Factors to consider when you're deciding whether a graduate degree is right for you. (Sept/Oct 2014)

Analyzing Your Career Chemistry Tips for chemistry undergraduate students on mapping a career strategy. (Feb/Mar 2014)
College to Career College to Career Interesting and unusual careers for college grads with chemistry degrees. Links open in a new window on the American Chemical Society website.
Exhibit hall, Army Science Conference 2010. Photo by Nancy McGuire
Chemistry in the Arts
Chemistry in the Military
Chemistry in Social Activism

Interviews with chemists in the workplace
Crystallographer Brian Toby
Professor Willis Weigand
raw data I Just Want to See the Raw Data!, LinkedIn Pulse,
December 9, 2014
The difference between "just your opinion" and "I would stake my life on this" lies not in seeking some pure spring of unsullied data, but in knowing what questions were asked, how they were answered, and how the answers fit in with everything else.
PDF version
Op Ed article Medicine Gobbles Up Research Money, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, November 18, 2009
In 2007, medical research received roughly five times the funding received by any one of seven other scientific research categories. In 2003, the ratio was six to one. Meanwhile, during the past 25 years, America has fallen behind in such fields as alternative energy research and telecommunications.
Patchworks Patchworks: A drop of water condensed on the air conditioning vent overhead, dangled for a few seconds, then silently fell. It landed with a tiny plop on the bald spot at the crown of Morrie Steinowicz’s head. "Damn!" he muttered. "Deities ain’t supposed to put up with this shit." Published in the Eunoia Review November 28, 2012.
Skew Lines Skew Lines: "Phhhht," said Jimmy as he pushed his toy truck across the kitchen floor. "Phhhht," he repeated, little drops of saliva spraying his face. Published in Fiction on the Web November 18, 2012.
Oops. Apparently, this story went slightly viral while I wasn't watching. Click the "Skew Lines" link above to read it on my website until Charlie Fish can put it back up on his website. Skew Lines brag