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AEU unanimously endorses ERA deadline removal.
American Ethical Union 100th National Assembly advocates resuming ratification process ended in 1982.


Noteworthy Chemistry
(American Chemical Society)

signal flares

This signal delay is intentional. (US Army photo)

Microbial balance affects sea spray composition.

Composite bone cement keeps its cool.

Chemistry Views
(Wiley-VCH & ChemPubSoc Europe)

phosphorus sources

Tracking Phosphorus Sources

Not Safe for Storage

Giving Liposomes the Shock Treatment



TLT April 2015Technology and Engineering

Seeing the Interface: How Realistic is the Picture?

Tribology and Lubrication Technology April 2015 (article begins on p. 36).

EOS June 2015Geophysics

Improving Predictions of Arctic Sea Ice Extent: : Scientists in the Sea Ice Prediction Network share and discuss their user-oriented forecasts of seasonal sea ice in a changing Arctic. EOS 19 June 2015 (a sample of my substantive editing work).
NASA photo

where PhDs workChemical Careers

Earning a Chemistry Ph.D.: Is It Worth the Effort? inChemistry magazine Feb/Mar 2015

A Matter of Degree: Which Graduate Degree Program is Right for You? inChemistry magazine Nov/Dec 2014

Should You Go to Graduate School? inChemistry magazine Sept/Oct 2014

Analyzing Your Career Chemistry. inChemistry magazine Feb/Mar 2014

College to CareerCollege to Career

Photo by Nancy McGuire

Interesting and unusual careers for college grads with chemistry degrees. My articles on the American Chemical Society's website (links open in a new window).

Careers in Crystallography (inChemistry magazine)
Chemists in the Real World: Brian Toby (interview article: inChemistry magazine)
Chemistry in the Arts
Chemistry in the Military
Chemistry in Social Activism



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Special emphasis on physical and materials sciences, engineering, and computational sciences.

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